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Whether your clinic needs one physician or your hospital needs 15 Registered Nurses, PR Interval can help you. We specialize in helping your health care company reach its full potential. We are a small firm, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, but our footprint ranges from Wisconsin to Florida. We have clients in several states, and potential candidates in just as many. Let PR Interval help your company maximize its ability and earning potential by letting us maximize its staffing.

Get your Candidates Pre-Screened

How much are you spending to recruit for your practice? Let us take some of the burden off of you. We will perform all of the preliminary interviews. We will establish proficiency in English. We will help run background checks, and make sure that all licensing, applications, and credentialing is being taken care of.

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Get your Resume Short-Listed

We don't want to drop you at the doorstep of the clinic, shake your hand, and wish you well. And this extra, personalized service, is what sets us apart. Being nurses and physicians ourselves, we understand the complicated and time consuming challenges that lead to finding just the right practice setting. Let us help you.

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