Why are you practicing medicine? Is it for long hours? Is it for low reimbursement rates? Is it for the $160,000 in loan debt?

Probably not. You probably went into medicine to help people. To do something you’re passionate about for the people in your community.

We can help you get back to the practice that you want, love, and deserve.

PR Interval is not an employer – we will not hire you for a temporary assignment. We will help you find a permanent job, hired by one of our clients. Full-time positions with full-time benefits.

We at PR Interval Healthcare Consulting, can give you the opportunity to get back to what you love. We match facilities that are looking for quality, experienced providers, with providers like you. We have clients right now, who are looking for physicians to fill their vacancies; who need you!

PR Interval goes beyond what any website search engine can provide you. We will help you get interviewed by hospitals and clinics. We will stand by you as the licensing and accreditation process takes place, through the interview process, and the signing of the contract. If your position requires relocation, we will help you find the right neighborhood, schools, churches, and even grocery stores.

Best of all, Our service is FREE to you!

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